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Effective problem solving through temporary and permanent rental, with fast delivery and installation.

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Find out more about our services and solutions, from manufacturing bespoke fume scrubbing solutions to ongoing maintenance.

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Fume Scrubbing & Chemical Absorption

Reduce harmful emissions with high quality and value-for-money solutions designed and manufactured in the UK.

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Odour Control

Reduce the amount of unpleasant odours produced in manufacturing, creating better working conditions and minimising odour complaints.

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Sector Specific Solutions

Poultry Processing

A major UK chicken producer approached Parsons to provide ventilation from their existing Scald and Defeather Process Hall to remove and neutralize odours emanating from the process.

Parsons provided a rental solution for odour abatement at the processing plant. The Odour Abatement package treats the air stream through a single wet scrubber prior to discharge to atmosphere.

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Sector Specific Solutions

Municipal Sack Waste

A purpose built MSW (municipal sack waste) facility was built in the UK and initially used UV ozone abatement technology on their autoclave for dealing with odour issues.

The first stage was a high efficiency wet chemical scrubber system, followed by a secondary polishing wet chemical scrubber. The final stage was a deep bed carbon adsorber acting as a safeguard to remove any final unabsorbed VOC’s.

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Sector Specific Solutions

Chemical Processing

A multi-national chemical producer with a facility in the UK utilises bulk Chlorine delivered by road tanker, and as a result strict Health and Safety requirements have to be maintained.

As Parsons is the only UK company to offer short and long-term scrubber rental they were able to offer a solution, and have it delivered to site within seven days.

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Sector Specific Solutions

Parsons expert services travelled to Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, almost 3500 miles from our base in the West Midlands. We were requested to provide a solution for a company needing help with chlorine plant.

Parsons provided a solution using a packed column fume scrubber to treat the air stream through a single chlorine absorption scrubber prior to discharge to atmosphere.

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Sector Specific Solutions

Cooked Ready Meal Products

Following a number of major installations in the poultry industry, Parsons were asked to offer a solution to an existing client whose odour abatement equipment was not performing satisfactorily. Cooking odours and animal products are some of the most common issues dealt with at Parsons, so the client was certainly in good hands.

A rental odour abatement package was settled on as the ideal option for resolving the issues.

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