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At Parsons, our specialism is fume scrubbing and chemical absorption, with a focus on wet chemical scrubbing and chemical resistant process plant. We also deal with odour abatement, and have designed several different solutions for a variety of industries. We offer a bespoke design and manufacture service when it comes to machinery, and can produce this at our in-house facility to suit any specific needs. We offer off-site fabrication and refurbishment, as well as structural plant inspections and any remedial actions, thanks to our dedicated team of service engineers and fully equipped fleet vehicles.

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The 6 Most Dangerous Pollutants

At Parsons, we understand the importance of dealing with dangerous gases and pollutants effectively and professionally. In 1977 we began to specialise in gas-scrubbing and pollution control, building our first Hydrochloric Acid Fume Scrubber. Since… read more »

The 10 Best Smells in the World

With almost 50 years’ experience, we’ve certainly tackled a variety of odours for business owners and nearby residents alike over the years. As discussed in What makes things smell?, we’re able to recognise hundreds of… read more »

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We design and manufacture fume extraction systems using the latest technologies:
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Wet scrubbers are the most effective way of dealing with molecules of fume or odour, read more:…
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