The problem of Toxic Fume Emissions from industrial processes has its roots in the industrial revolution. Since the industrial revolution of the 18th-19th century, the level of pollution has continued to rise at an alarming rate.

The problems have been exacerbated over the years by the drive for excellent production. The high demand for chemical processing and manufacturing has led to the construction of more and more factories. The consequence of this is an increase in air pollution. When industrial processes discharge toxic and corrosive fumes, this can cause corrosion and lead to health issues for employees and the wider public.

The chemical industry in the UK has also been responsible for a lot of pollution.

Furthermore, the UK chemical industry has identified processes which lead to toxic and corrosive discharges into the atmosphere. As a preventative measure, many businesses in the chemical industry install equipment in their workplace to reduce the effects of these discharges.

Some examples of the acid gases widely discharged in the chemical industry include; hydrochloric; hydrofluoric, nitric and sulphuric. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg; there are many more equally hazardous chemicals which have to be clamped down on by the law.

Many issues can arise from air pollution, ranging from health issues such as lung disease to global warming.

What is a scrubber?

The introduction of legislation to improve both the working environment and the atmosphere, in general, has led to a more demanding need for eliminating toxic gas emissions. The Environmental Protection Act is one example of such legislation.

To this end, we have applied engineering principles to both the design and manufacture of a wide range of fume scrubbing equipment, to ensure the industry can meet its obligations both today and into the future.

The cornerstone of the Parsons offering is our broad range of knowledge, our technical expertise. In the last 40+ years, the Parsons team has collectively gained experience in the design, manufacture and servicing of many fume scrubbing plants. Here at Parsons, we want to be at the forefront of the effort to push for a healthier earth. We have witnessed the effects of pollution, and we want to help in the fight against it. One of our key objectives is to provide businesses with an efficient, regulation-compliant way to take charge of their pollution.

Chemical Absorption

Gaseous Chemical Absorption is a process that consists of removing a chemical from the gaseous phase (air stream) and transferring the chemical into the aqueous phase (liquid stream). We can remove reagent chemicals from the air stream, to treat contaminated air before it discharges into the atmosphere.

Parsons’ proven experience of designing and building chemical absorbers (also known as wet chemical scrubbers) applies to a wide range of processes, that require the clamping down of harmful chemical discharges.

What sets Parsons apart from the competition?

We design and manufacture our entire equipment packages; including all of our ancillary equipment. Moreover, our expert team of engineers and technicians can also install and commission a turnkey package, offering full maintenance service.

With the support of our engineers and technicians, you can rest assured that the equipment we provide to you will run for many years of trouble-free operation.