The industry’s best kept secret – Odour Control Solutions

How can Parsons help? We can help you if:

  • You are receiving regular visits from the Environmental Agency over your odour emissions?
  • Your company has received an Abatement Notice
  • You feel unsure about BAT (Best Available Techniques)
  • The neighbours are complaining about the bad smell.

Want to clamp down on bad odour? Our odour control solutions can help you.

Parsons have the experience

Odour control is a tenuous and subjective issue. Chemical fume scrubbing is fairly straightforward.

In chemical scrubbing, we deal with a limited number of chemicals. At Parsons, our chemical engineer can quickly come up with a relevant stoichiometric equation.

Odour control is a little different. There are so many compounds, and only one way to detect them: the human nose. The problem is, everyone has a different sense of smell. Additionally, it is through our sense of smell that we calculate the Odour Unit, the most common measurement of smell. A team of people can calculate the Odour Unit by sniffing the bad air out of plastic bags. Well, the process is a little more complex than that.

Moreover, we base the Odour Unit on perception, not actual quantities of known compounds. Consequently, this makes chemical analysis virtually impossible.

Do you want to learn more about how we can help you solve odour issues? Read our article here.

Odour control experience – Parsons have the perfect odour control solution

At Parsons, we carry thirty-plus years of proven, valuable experience in the odour control industry.

You can tie yourself up with figures and percentage removal rates. However, at Parsons, we have one aim: ‘No offensive odour beyond the boundary’. Furthermore, we hold the greatest sway by the most usual comment from our clients “The complaints have stopped!” Both of which are soothing to the EA Officer.

At Parsons, we supply odour control plants to many different industries. Some examples are sewage treatment and abattoirs. Also, we have offered specialised services to the processing industry.

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Unfortunately, due to the many factors we must consider before designing an odour control plant, we cannot offer a ‘Click Here, pay online or deliver tomorrow’ service.

We design and build our control plants ready for order. Through careful design, we tailor every control plant to the needs of our customers. Needless to say, lead times can vary. If you require a control plant swiftly, we can offer you the option of near-immediate installation. This option is available through our Plant Rental department.

Please give our sales department a call, who should be able to help with your queries from “Is it possible?”, through rough ballpark figures to complete system quotes.