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Fume Scrubbing


The problem of Toxic Fume Emissions from industrial processes has its roots in the industrial revolution.

The problems have been exacerbated over the years by the drive for greater production. The introduction of legislation to improve both the working environment, and the atmosphere in general, has led to a more demanding need for eliminating toxic gas emissions.

To this end, Parsons have applied engineering principles to both the design and manufacture of a wide range of fume scrubbing equipment, to ensure industry can meet its obligations both today and into the future.

The cornerstone of the Parsons offering is our full range of fume scrubbing plant.
Chemical Absorption


Gaseous Chemical Absorption is often a key stage in chemical production. Parsons proven experience of scrubbing is also applicable to the process industry utilising similar technologies to achieve high levels of absorption.

Our knowledge and experience ensures we produce equipment tailored to individual requirements, guaranteeing optimal performance and value.


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Parsons Fume Scrubber

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Parsons provides our clients with a complete solution to reduce their air pollution. Read our full article on…
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