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Executive Summary

A multi-national chemical producer, with facilities based in the UK, required our services. The chemical producer used road tankers to deliver bulk Chlorine, and consequently, had to pay careful attention to make sure they maintained strict Health and Safety requirements.


Chlorine is an extremely dangerous chemical and therefore requires strict rules of handling and management for the health and safety of all.

Following a routine inspection the client found their existing Emergency Chlorine Vent System needed some urgent maintenance, which meant a short term solution was required to cover the maintenance period.


Here at Parsons, we are the only company in the UK to offer both short and long-term scrubber rental; in this case, we were able to deliver a solution to the site within seven days.

The Emergency Chlorine Vent System was manufactured from polypropylene GRP, and was designed based on Parsons standard Emergency Chlorine Vent Systems installed in the UK and Far East.

Parsons offer a complete range of packaged Chlorine scrubbers for any sized bulk storage system.


The client was able to carry out their urgent maintenance, and safe in the knowledge that they had an Emergency Chlorine Vent System on site should the need arise.

Parsons offers a range of odour abatement and wet chemical fume scrubbing solutions to suit any problems that may be arising from any industry. We offer a range of plant to buy, but our rental service is recommended as one of the best in the UK.

With our rental plant, we can source and install the right solution much faster than if you were to buy, and we provide maintenance throughout the rental period, which can be long or short term.

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