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Executive Summary

A key UK chicken producer approached Parsons and requested for us to supply them with ventilation systems. Our task was to supply ventilation into the Scald and Defeather Process Hall, to deal with the bad odours that emanated from the process. Parsons have worked with many poultry producers and were well placed to deliver the right solution for them.


The client required odour extraction to provide ventilation from an existing Scald and Defeather Processing Hall at a Chicken Processing Centre. The odours originating during poultry processing are among the most putrid in the industry and require a high level of odour control and abatement treatment. Given the intensity involved, it was necessary to find a suitable solution without too much capital expenditure for the client.


Parsons provided a rental solution for odour abatement at the processing plant. The Odour Abatement package treats the air stream through a single wet scrubber prior to discharge to atmosphere.

The scrubber operates under close pH and ORP control with Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Hypochlorite dosing to provide odour removal.


By providing a rental package, the client can achieve the desired results of odour abatement without the stress of needing to arrange maintenance, as Parsons provide this for all our rental plant. We were able to successfully treat the odours and deliver the right solution for our client too.

Parsons offers a range of odour abatement and wet chemical fume scrubbing solutions to suit any problems that may be arising from any industry. We offer a range of plant to buy, but our rental service is recommended as one of the best in the UK.

With our rental plant, we can source and install the right solution much faster than if you were to buy, and we provide maintenance throughout the rental period, which can be long or short term.

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