Odour and fume problems often impede or even halt production.
Below is a list of problems we’ve helped people like you to resolve over the past 45 years:

Served with an abatement notice?
As an abatement notice requires an immediate solution, we recommend rental for this problem.

Existing plant being repaired, cleaned or is being replaced?
We often provide rentals for those in the situation stated above, as this is a more cost-effective solution than buying new equipment.

Trouble with fumes and odours even though you have existing odour abatement?
Technical advice and a site visit. Could result in a Rental or New Build or Add-on to their existing system or nothing if the problem is found to be something they are doing wrong. Before suggesting any equipment or service, our first act, in this case, is to visit the site in question and assess the current equipment. We then either create a new build or add something onto their existing system, or sometimes we simply help to get the existing equipment working.

Short-term increased capacity?
We often provide rental for companies who have short-term increased capacity.

Purchasing a fume scrubber too expensive?
We have recommended rental in this situation, as the initial cost is lower, the approval process is simple and quick and the cost may be from a different budget.

Breaching your permit?
If you require a quick solution to a breached permit, rental is great. However, a new build is possible if there is enough time. Emergency replacement i.e. – Fire

Rental, because it provides an immediate solution.
Permanent Increased Capacity (e.g. Customer is expanding factory)?

New build or possibly a Rental. This will be preceded with Technical Advice as any additions will need to be integrated into the existing system.
If your issue is not covered by the above, feel free to contact us and we will work with you to find a solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I need some advice on odour control within my site, are you able to help/advise?

I’ve been approached by the Environment Agency – what are my next steps?

How are you sure your plant will remove the smell?

I’m unsure about rental or purchase, what option is best for me?

There’s an odour issue within our premises, but I’m unsure of where/what it’s coming from. Can you still help?

What’s included in my rental package?