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  • Regular visits from the Environmental Agency over odours?
  • Neighbours complaining about the smell?
  • Breaching your permit?
  • Served with an Abatement Notice?
  • Unsure about BAT (Best Available Techniques)?



odour control plantChemical fume scrubbing is relatively straightforward, it is usually a limited number of known chemicals to be dealt with and our Chemical Engineer can quickly come up with a relevant stoichiometric equation.

Odour control is different. There are so many compounds that ‘smell’ that the only object capable of detecting them all is the human nose, and every one of those is different. It is from this basis that the Odour Unit, the most commonly used measure of smell, is calculated. The Odour Unit is genuinely calculated by a team of people sniffing smelly air out of plastic bags. Well its a bit more complicated than that. If you’d like to know more about smell, read our article here.

Whilst the Odour Unit does give a number, this is based on perception not actual quantities of known compounds making chemical analysis virtually impossible.

odour control plant

Odour Control Experience – Parsons Have the Solution:

This is where Parsons’ thirty plus years proven experience in the odour control industry becomes invaluable.

You can tie your self up in figures and percentage removal rates but we aim for one thing, ‘no offensive odour beyond the boundary’ and hold the greatest sway by the most usual comment from our clients “The complaints have stopped!” Both of which are soothing to the EA Officer.

Parsons regularly supply odour control plant to the commonly odorous industries, sewerage treatment, abattoirs etc. but have occasionally run into the more specialised, from pressure cooked black bin bags to fried chicken and sausage skins. The outcome has always been the same.

Unfortunately, due to the multitude of factors to be considered in designing an odour control plant, we are unable to offer a ‘Click Here, pay online, deliver tomorrow’ service.

Our plants designed and built to order allowing maximum compatibility with the customers needs, this obviously incurs a not insignificant lead time. If time is critical of we may well have a suitable option for near immediate installation available through our Plant Rental department.

Please give our sales department a call, who should be able to help with your queries from “Is it possible…..?” through rough ballpark figures to complete system quotes.

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