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Here at Parsons, we are specialists in fume scrubbing. Furthermore, we also specialise in odour scrubbing and chemical absorption. Furthermore, we carry over 45 years of industry experience under our belt.

Based in the Midlands, our purpose-led factories and offices boast over 40,000 square feet of facilities on a two-acre site. Additionally, Parsons possesses the largest specialist manufacturing facility of its type in the UK.

We expertly design and manufacture all of our products and systems in-house.

Here at Parsons, we offer our clients a wealth of expertise and experience, one that stretches across many different industry sectors. Some examples of the industries we are actively working in include chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, semi-conductor and water.

Additionally, our team of designers and manufacturers work both in the UK and overseas. We have installed our systems in many different locations in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Zambia, the UAE and the USA.

We pride ourselves as a leading manufacturer of fume scrubbing, gas scrubbing and thermoplastic process plant. Moreover, we are also proud of having achieved the status of being one of the largest operators of air pollution and odour abatement systems. We design, install and operate these systems on behalf of our customers.

Moreover, we regularly work with consultants; contractors, the Environment Agency and our clients alike.

Our unique services, coupled with our wealth of knowledge and propensity for continuous development, help us to supply our clients with a fully-integrated, design, manufacturing, installation and project management service for any project, large or small.

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Parsons - 4 months ago
At Parsons, we offer fume scrubbing and chemical absorption solutions for the Pharmaceutical sector. We understand…
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Parsons - 4 months ago
Here at Parsons, we offer our clients a wealth of expertise and experience, one that stretches across many differen…
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