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Service and Maintenance

We have a team of service engineers, and a fleet of fully equipped site maintenance vehicles, headed by our Service Manager who recognises the need to respond promptly to all our customer requirements: from a single job to a comprehensive service contract.

  • On-Site fixed plant maintenance
  • Emergency and out-of-hours breakdown and repair service
  • 24/7 call-out retainer service
  • Implement and control preventative maintenance schedules through fixed maintenance contracts
  • Structural plant inspections and completion of associated remedial actions
  • Off-site fabrication and refurbishment works
  • Tendered project works
  • CDM Project Management – Turn-key project control

Plant Monitoring

Parsons can provide a full plant monitoring package, allowing the client to focus on core activities whilst ensuring plant is maintained for a fixed monthly cost.

Utilising the latest technology allows the plant to be linked to the Parsons 24-hour remote monitoring facility that provides the data for a real-time operating log. This log is used to determine maintenance regimes which ensure that all plant is operational on a 24-hour/7-day basis.

Critical Spares

A critical spares management plan can also be developed around your current maintenance regime or as part of a full maintenance plan depending on your site’s accreditation requirements.


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