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The Client

Parsons works within a number of specialised industries; on this occasion, we were approached by a major pharmaceutical client with a plant in south-east England.

The Problem

The client contacted us regarding their failing acetone scrubber. They were in urgent need of a temporary replacement while it was repaired, in order to maintain production at their plant.

The Parsons Solution

The customer was quickly able to see that Parsons had the solution to their particular concern since we were able to supply suitable equipment from stock on a rental basis.

We supplied a packed column capable of treating 7,000m3/h, and installed the unit on a prepared concrete plinth beside the original sump tank, along with a recirculation pump.

We also undertook the complex task of rerouting the existing fan outlet to the temporary scrubber via 9m of plastic ductwork. Modifications were undertaken to the existing control system in order to integrate the reconfigured system.

Parsons was responsible for conducting all on-site work and installation, ensuring health and safety compliance at all times.

Despite stormy conditions encountered during the rental term, the Parsons 13m high column remained fully functional and intact, demonstrating the inherent structural and installation integrity of our product.



Parsons is the only company in the UK offering a wet column rental service, providing both fume and odour scrubbers from stock. In this instance Parsons was able to provide a solution in days rather than the usual lead time of a few months for a specially manufactured unit.


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