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Plastic Ductwork

Parsons design and manufacture complete fume extraction systems, and engineered complex ducting routes required to service any building requirements. This includes all types of hoods to capture contaminated and odorous gases.

Smaller diameters are usually manufactured from either uPVC, flame retardant polypropylene, Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) and EthyleneChloroTriFluoroEthylene (ECTFE).

Larger structures or those demanding higher mechanical strength are manufactured from polypropylene GRP composite structures.

Where space permits, the use of circular ductwork is the most economic option, however, certain situations require innovative solutions such as the use of square or rectangular ductwork.

Parsons design engineers can provide assistance and advice utilising the latest technologies.

Parsons have years of experience

Parsons have a highly experienced team of engineers who have installed and erected many major systems both in the UK and worldwide.

All our operators are trained according to Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations to ensure the installation is completed on time, on budget and above all, safely.

Parsons Exhaust Stacks

Parsons are able to provide a full design, manufacture and installation service of exhaust stacks either as self-supporting or retained within a steel structure.

Installations of exhaust stacks can be challenging; at Parsons we are able to manage the procedure through the provision of lifting plans and the supply of craneage.

This minimises disruption to the plant and ensures that all personnel are protected, guaranteeing safe and efficient erection of the exhaust stacks.


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