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Executive Summary

Parsons has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of Acid Exhaust ductwork Systems and Extraction Fans, including Gas Scrubbers, for the Semiconductor industry. Because of this Parsons was specified for as the supplier for a new wafer fabrication facility to be built in the UK.


The customer required an Acid Exhaust System to provide ventilation in a microelectronic wafer manufacturing process within an existing congested services building without disturbing production. The fumes originating during semiconductor manufacturing are both toxic and corrosive. The installation was to be in a confined area which meant overcoming many obstacles. Given the critical nature of the industry, quality and reliability were key features of the specification.


Parsons extensive experience in the semiconductor area provided the basis for the design of a complete ductwork System which included outdoor sections. The scope of work covered Base Build, Facility and Hook-Up. During the design phase, Parsons undertook a Total Station data measuring survey to ensure complete accuracy. In addition to the ductwork, high specification Centrifugal Extraction Fans were supplied. Each fan was suitable for outdoor use and included a carbon fibre impellor and elastomer clutch. The fans were also fitted with a back-spin brake to allow bypass air to flow and double cartridge bearings to enable maintenance without completely dismantling the unit.


By providing a totally in-house design, manufacturing and installation service, Parsons was able to deliver a turn-key project precisely to customers’ requirements, on time and within budget. With everything done in-house Parsons was able to react quickly to the inevitable customer led changes to the ductwork layout which occurred during the project.


Parsons has been involved in the majority of new build semiconductor factories in the UK since the early 1980’s and have supplied ductwork systems, scrubbers and fans to International Rectifier, Motorola, Fujitsu, Siemens and Plessey. Currently the UK is experiencing a rival in the semicon industry partly due to expansion in the EV market and Parsons is ideally placed to serve both existing and new customers alike.

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