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Executive Summary

On behalf of a major poultry processing company in the UK, Parsons were asked to investigate their problems in complying with the local Environment Agency requirements. The company were receiving multiple complaints of odour from local residents and the Environmental Agency were pressing for them to meet their standards of emissions.


The company had previously installed an odour abatement system but it had failed to eliminate the odour complaints. An additional problem for this particular site was a high ventilation flow rate from the process buildings of about 40,000m3/hr and avoiding a massive capital investment to treat this.


Parsons suggested that a way around the issues of a large capital investment would be to rent our equipment and prove it works before committing to purchase.

Parsons proposed to treat the odour streams from the evisceration and scalders by directing the streams through a wet chemical packed scrubber column for a six-month trial. This was then exhausted into the existing vent system. This was a very successful method of resolving the problems at the site.


As a direct consequence of the Parsons installation, the overall odour discharge from the site was reduced to such a level that complaints concerning the odour ceased.

Parsons has gained valuable insight into the processing of odours from poultry plants from working with this client. This is highlighted when sharing to all parties the complexities and variations of compounds, concentrations, ‘time of day’ bird processing and weather conditions.

The odour scrubber was subsequently purchased after the trial rental period. The Environment Agency were satisfied, and we are pleased to continue supporting our customer where necessary with odour and fume solutions.

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