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Executive Summary

Parsons were requested to upgrade the clients’ existing scrubbing system, following a non-compliance issued by the local Environment Agency.


The process consisted of spark plasma sintering, and as a result, high temperature particulate laden vapours were being discharged from the process ovens.


Parsons designed a scrubber system, complete with integral cooling, to reduce temperature and remove the particulates using a high efficiency Venturi Scrubber.

The Venturi Scrubber was manufactured from stainless steel and incorporated into a polypropylene GRP vessel, complete with a re-circulation system exhaust fan and stack.


Following installation the performance of the scrubber system was independently tested, and now complies with local Environment Agency requirements.

The scrubber system is now serviced and maintained by Parsons.

Parsons offers a range of odour abatement and wet chemical fume scrubbing solutions to suit any problems that may be arising from any industry. We offer a range of plant to buy, but our rental service is recommended as one of the best in the UK.

With our rental plant, we can source and install the right solution much faster than if you were to buy, and we provide maintenance throughout the rental period, which can be long or short term.

Contact us today to find out more.


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