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Why Does Workplace Ventilation Matter?

Posted on 22nd February 2018

At Parsons, our industrial fans can help you improve the indoor air quality in your workplace.

Every business should provide good ventilation for their employees. However, ventilation is especially important for industrial settings. For example, this includes:

  • Metalworking factories
  • Spray or paint booths
  • Chemical laboratories
  • Food production sites

There are many different types of ventilation. So, no matter the environment, our ventilation can provide safe and clean air to your workplace.


Types of Ventilation

For example, ventilation can take the form of:

Each type of ventilation have their own benefits. Furthermore, combining these three gives the best results in ventilation. You need to get the right level of ventilation in your workplace. However, you will also need to consider three factors:

  • Size
  • The level of contamination in the air.
  • The health and safety of your employees.

We are confident that our industrial fans can help you meet this standard.

Below, we’ve broken down the benefits of our industrial fans.


Benefits of Our Industrial Fans

Keeps air clean and safe through your workplace. This is essential if you’re working with materials that release particulates in the air. For example, particulates such as dust, food odours, chemical residue and metal fillings.


Maintains good health and safety. Our industrial fans will helpfully provide a regular supply of clean air. Firstly, this improves the health and safety of your staff. Secondly, it creates a more pleasant working environment.


Helps cut down odours that could escape into the surrounding area. This is especially useful in the animal processing and food production industries. Businesses in these industries release a lot of odours in the air. Our ventilation systems can help keep your workers safe, whatever the environment. Whether it is a kitchen or a slaughter facility.


Regulates temperature. Often factories are busy and hot places, with lots of people and machines working for many hours of the day. A supply of fresh air in the workplace helps keep an otherwise enclosed space cooler and cleaner to work in.


Cuts down hazards. One issue that factory workers need to be aware of is dangerous contaminants. It is dangerous to inhale harmful contaminants. Also, factory workers need to be aware of nauseous odours. Finally, they need to be wary of intense build-up of particles in the air.


Get in Touch Today

Parsons are experts in the production of industrial fans for ventilation. We produce corrosion-resistant plastic ductwork, fans and ventilations systems. Our systems are durable and can withstand harsh chemical extracts.

Also, our fans are suitable for a range sizes. From laboratory fume cupboard extraction systems to large-scale factories. Choose from a range of materials, sizes, pressures and custom options to get the right fan for you.

At Parsons, we are experts in wet chemical fume scrubbing and odour abatement. Our chemical engineers can deliver the best ventilation services to your business.

Want to learn more about our ventilation services. Get in touch with our team.

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