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Why Does Workplace Ventilation Matter?

Posted on 22nd February 2018

Ensuring your workplace is properly ventilated is something all businesses should strive to achieve, but it’s especially important for industrial settings, such as metalworking factories, spray or paint booths, chemical laboratories, and food production sites.  Ventilation comes in many forms, sizes, and materials to ensure that no matter what your site is handling, there’s a suitable way of getting the safest and cleanest air possible in your workplace.

Industrial ventilation could take the form of:

  • Fans
  • Ductwork
  • Extraction units

Each has its own benefits and using a combination of the three gives the best results in ventilation. It’s crucial that you’re getting the right level of ventilation for the workplace, taking into consideration size, level of contaminant present in the air, and employee health, safety, and comfort.

Having ventilation is essential for:

  • Keeping air clean and safe throughout the workplace. This is essential if you’re working with materials that release particulates into the air, such as dust, chemical residue, metal filings, or food odours.
  • Maintaining good health and safety. Having a regular supply of clean air not only helps improve your staff health and safety, it means everyone can have a more pleasant working environment overall.
  • Animal processing and food production industries. Whether that’s the cooking of food products, disposing of animal by-products or a slaughter facility, these industries produce a range of odours and particles (such as hair and feathers) into the air. Having a proper ventilation system will keep your workers safe and helps cut down on any odours that could be escaping into the local community.
  • Temperature regulation. Often factories are busy and hot places, with lots of people and machines working for many hours of the day. A supply of fresh air in the workplace helps keep an otherwise enclosed space cooler and cleaner to work in.
  • Cutting down on hazards. Inhalation of dangerous contaminants, exposure to nauseous odours or intense build-up of particles in the air are all issues that factories can face and need to be aware of. Ventilation will help cut down on these potential hazards, keeping your workplace safer for everyone.

Parsons are experts in the production of industrial fans for ventilation. We produce a range of corrosion-resistant plastic ductwork, fans and ventilations systems able to withstand even harsh chemical extracts and safely vent this away from the workplace. Our fans are suitable for something as small as a laboratory fume cupboard extraction system to a large-scale factory. Choose from a range of materials, sizes, pressures and custom options to get the right fan for you.


With our strong background in wet chemical fume scrubbing and odour abatement technologies, our team of chemical engineers understand how to deliver the best ventilation services to your business. Find out more:

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