Scrubber Plant Rental

Why buy when you can rent and not worry.


Short term - to cover breakdown or maintainance.

Long term - to avoid heavy Capital Expenditure.

Complete plants or just the bits you need.

Odour or Fume - Immediate availability

Unsure of your requirement - easy upgrades

Fully Maintained, operation log and breakdown cover.

Parsons Have A Solution

Parsons offer a complete and fully serviced alternative to conventional capital purchase for all Gas Scrubbing and Chemical Storage management requirements.

The service provides an effective solution to the problem of purchasing capital expensive equipment and placing additional demands on employees’ day to day activities, whilst ensuring that all equipment is fully maintained and operates to current standards.

There are many situations where the outright purchase of a new scrubbing plant is not the best option.

Parsons are able to offer the full benefit of their scrubbing plant experience as a rental option.

A wide array of scrubbing plant is held in stock to allow us to respond to most situations immediately.

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