Parsons Plastic Dampers

Parsons Plastic Dampers

Plastic dampers are an integral part of any ductwork system.

Their function is to maintain fluid dynamics throughout the system by controlling fluid flow and provide the required operational flexibility and system safeguards.

Many of Parsons ductwork systems operate in highly aggressive chemical environments, leading to specific demands for the associated components.

Parsons have vast experience in manufacturing equipment that can operate within such corrosive parameters and also cope with the inevitable operating consequences, such as solids build up due to chemical deposits.

Parsons Have the Solution to Your Problems

Parsons offer a full and comprehensive range of dampers, tailored to meet a specific process requirements.

All of Parsons Dampers are available with electric or hydraulic or pneumatic actuation complete with fail safes, to close or open, and can be installed in hazardous flameproof environments.

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