Chemical Resistant In-duct Noise Control

Parsons Plastic Attenuators

Parsons have a vast experience in the design, manufacture and supply of plastic noise Attenuators or Silencers.

Common situations where this solution is needed include:

  •   ♦  Hospitals and Universities; where ductwork systems are installed and there is a necessity to reduce on-site noise to a minimum.

  •   ♦  Site Boundary Limitations; where noise enforcement by the Local Authority requires consent.

In these cases it is necessary to incorporate a silencer into the ductwork, which will not only operate within the requirements of the corrosive environment but, also ensure the required amount of noise reduction is achieved.

Parsons also design and build a wide range of stack-mounted Attenuators. These help reduce the noise pollution, in-line with any special requirements and offer a very neat innovative solution, to this increasingly demanding environmental issue.

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