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Remove Bad Odour with Parsons’ Odour Scrubbers

Posted on 12th January 2020

Here at Parsons, we have over 45 years of experience in manufacturing fume, gas and odour scrubbers. During this time, we’ve been able to learn which of our solutions best suit our customers.

While this obviously varies from customer to customer and we are of course able to tailor our solutions accordingly, we’ve found that one of our most adaptable is our Rapid Response Rental.

What is Rapid Response Rental?

With a focus on the words ‘rapid’ and ‘rental’, our Rapid Response Rental has been designed, initially, as a solution to short term and urgent client needs. The package allows for Parsons to have a tailored solution installed from stock, next day if required.

They can be used to allow the continuation of production or to satisfy the Environment Agency while you determine your exact issue.

Where has Rapid Response Rental been used before?

In the past, our Rapid Response Rental has been used as a solution to a huge variety of customer issues.

One of the most prominent is where major food processing clients have faced issues regarding complaints from local residents about the odours involved in their operations, despite having pre-existing odour scrubbing solutions in place.

In these cases, these companies have taken advantage of our Rapid Response Rental as a means to solve the issue in the short-term but also to allow them to establish what the exact solution is.

Issues regarding odours can often be difficult to pin down so the custom nature of our solutions allows clients to know exactly what kind of assistance they require.

Other examples have included situations where clients have carried out a risk assessment prior to embarking on process changes and decided that in the event of equipment malfunction they need a live back-up during the period of an upgrade. Here, Rapid Response Rental has provided an ideal tailored solution.

Parsons Fume Scrubber

In this case, customers have been able to have the equipment on standby, as insurance should something go wrong.

Some clients have even used the Rapid Response Rental as a solution to a short-term problem, then found the package and in particular the total service and maintenance cover provided by Parsons to be a cost-effective, long-term solution and have subcontracted the entire facility management of the equipment on a long-term basis.

This eliminates the need for third-party inspection, specialist maintenance and technical supervision allowing them to focus on core activities.

Long Term rental is tax efficient and simplifies budgeting as prices are fixed for the rental period. A further advantage of Rapid Response Rental is the ability to upgrade the equipment when operations demand increased capacity. In these cases, the plant is simply exchanged for a larger capacity option, and there is no need to scrap redundant equipment.

Such options reduce waste to landfill, a factor that is increasing of consideration to companies keen to improve their environmental impact.

What benefits have our Rapid Response Rental clients seen?

As previously mentioned, one of the major benefits of the Rapid Response Rental is that it’s exactly that, rapid. Furthermore, our fully serviced fume and odour scrubbers are included in our Rapid Response Rental package, with 24/7 breakdown cover and no extra charge for callouts or spare parts.

In tandem with ongoing maintenance commitments, we also provide ongoing technical support thanks to our experienced engineers, covering all issues including those raised by the Environment Agency (or SEPA in Scotland).

As part of smoothing the process for our clients, we also personally ensure the completion of any third-party equipment logs relating to the systems, as these are often required by the Environment Agency as part of an Odour Management Plan.

Furthermore, one of the major benefits is the lack of long-term commitment. Rather than committing to a major capital purchase upfront, Rapid Response Rental allows clients to essentially test-drive their solutions.

What happens after a Rapid Response Rental?

Following a rapid response rental, our clients have a range of options open to them. If you were to find that the equipment has done its job and your needs were met, then great! Our agreement comes to an end, your production continues smoothly, and we get the satisfaction of a job well done.

However, we’ve found that many of our clients find the rental packages to be so amenable and comprehensive that they prefer to extend the rental period as a continued solution.

Parsons Engineering

odour scrubbers

In these cases, we are able to offer competitive long-term rates that continue to provide full maintenance and technical cover.

This obviously has the advantage of allowing you to take your mind off the issue and to spread the cost.

Other clients, where economically appropriate, have moved from renting the equipment as a short-term solution to then purchasing the equipment outright, though this lacks the maintenance and cost-spreading advantages of renting.

In these instances, Parsons is still able to offer a range of service and maintenance plans to suit the client’s needs for keeping the scrubber system operating at optimum performance.

At Parsons, we pride ourselves on the start-to-finish development of effective odour and fume management solutions. All our equipment is designed and manufactured in-house and we are the biggest operator of rented air pollution and odour abatement systems available in the UK.

You can find out more about our odour scrubbers here.

If you have any issues regarding odour or fume management allow us to take care of it for you, with our fast, comprehensive solutions.

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