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Plastic Centrifugal Fans

Powerful Chemical Resistant Air Movement

At Parsons, we are a leading supplier of plastic centrifugal fans. However, we also supply a range of fans for various applications.

Our range of moulded fans is available with uPVC. But, fans in sintered polypropylene cases are also available. Additionally, we supply impellers in a variety of sizes.

Parsons have played an active role in the development of new technologies for the construction of centrifugal fans from non-corrosive plastics, which provide a viable alternative to the corrosive metal versions.

The Right Size Centrifugal Fans

For higher volumes, Parsons manufacture a full range of fans. The sizes of our fans range from 560mm to 1200mm. We manufacture our fans from PP, PE, uPVC AND PVDF. Our fans can accommodate pressures of up to 4000 pascals. Some of the special configurations available on the application are:

  • Running and standby
  • Anti-back spin brakes

For lower volumes and high-pressure application, we offer a range of radial fans.

All fans offer corrosion resistance to aggressive chemical environments, and Parsons would be happy to select a suitable fan from their range for your needs.

Bespoke Plastic Centrifugal Fans

Parsons have been designing and manufacturing centrifugal plastic fans for many years, driven by the demands of our own process requirements. Our design engineering team have a detailed understanding of the mechanical properties which operate fan systems; this allows them to design high-speed fans with guaranteed optimal performance.

Our high technology manufacturing facilities ensure that optimum performance is achieved competitively for all fan applications. From laboratory fume cupboards to high-volume and high-pressure applications on a semiconductor factory, Parsons has the right fan for you.

Get in touch to learn more about our industry-leading range of fans.

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