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Executive Summary

A purpose built MSW (municipal sack waste) facility was built in the UK and initially used UV ozone abatement technology on their autoclave for dealing with odour issues. Immediately it became clear this did not work efficiently to deal with the odour levels present, and Parsons were invited to offer a solution.


Due to the wide variation of materials dumped into waste bins it was impossible to predict the inlet concentration or the range of contaminants; odour levels were estimated to be more than 1,000,000 odour units. Unless a solution could be found the multi-million pound plant would remain dormant.


Parsons proposed a three-stage treatment system:

The first stage was a high efficiency wet chemical scrubber system utilising high level chemical dosing, followed by a secondary polishing wet chemical scrubber with high integrity chemical monitoring and dosing system. The final stage was a deep bed carbon adsorber acting as a safeguard to remove any final unabsorbed VOC’s.


Parsons’ solution was installed within 2 weeks of suitable foundations being available for the equipment and operational within a further week.

The client was now in a position to operate the plant without any complaints from the local Environmental Agency or nearby residents.

Parsons offers a range of odour abatement and wet chemical fume scrubbing solutions to suit any problems that may be arising from any industry. We offer a range of plant to buy, but our rental service is recommended as one of the best in the UK.

With our rental plant, we can source and install the right solution much faster than if you were to buy, and we provide maintenance throughout the rental period, which can be long or short term.

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