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Executive Summary

A manufacturer of sausage casings contacted Parsons for an odour abatement solution. Animal product processing at their facility was causing contaminated and odorous air as a result, and a solution was needed to mitigate the situation, improve working standards for staff, and the air quality for the local environment.


Odorous and contaminated air was resulting from the processing of sausage casings from animal intestinal offal. Due to temperatures used in the processing facility, as well as the natural odours that are by-products of animal intestines, the solution needed to fully remove and treat all sources of odour.


Parsons provided a rental solution to help avoid heavy costs in investing in a wet scrubber. The Odour Abatement package provided treats the air stream through a single wet scrubber prior to discharge to atmosphere.

The scrubber operates under close pH and ORP control with Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Hypochlorite dosing to provide odour removal.


With the rental solution installed to provide a complete odour abatement solution, the client have had their odour issues resolved. Parsons will continue to provide maintenance on the installation for as long as necessary, to keep things running smoothly and the unpleasant odours at bay.

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