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Executive Summary

Parsons’ expert services travelled to Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, almost 3500 miles from our base in the West Midlands. We were requested to provide a solution for a company needing help with chlorine plant.


The manufacturer required a reduction of the chlorine concentration in the vent stream to below 5ppm from the chlor-alkali plant. The existing equipment was suffering from degradation and structural failure. Chlorine is a particularly dangerous chemical so it was of paramount importance to restore the equipment standards to acceptable levels.


Parsons provided a solution using a packed column fume scrubber to treat the air stream through a single chlorine absorption scrubber prior to discharge to atmosphere.

The scrubber operated on counter flow gas exchange based on the principle of chlorine gas absorption into sodium hydroxide (caustic) to form sodium hypochlorite (hypo). The gas stream entered the column at low level and passed up through a packing media. Sodium hydroxide solution was re-circulated to the top of the packed column and passed through the media to return to the sump.

The scrubber plant was designed for batch operation with two sump tanks allowing the replenishment of the hydroxide liquor without interruption to the scrubbing of the gas stream.

The caustic liquor recirculation was fitted with a cooling circuit to prevent overheating due to the heat of reaction and ambient temperatures.


Parsons solution was installed, subject to suitable foundations, and commissioned successfully in accordance with a constrained delivery programme (included shipping into containers direct to site).

The service included the manufacture, delivery, installation and commissioning of plant for a fixed price. All our customers receive bespoke equipment from Parsons to ensure the plant meets the design emission requirements and is operates to the optimum level.

Parsons offers a range of odour abatement and wet chemical fume scrubbing solutions to suit any problems that may be arising from any industry. We offer a range of plant to buy, but our rental service is recommended as one of the best in the UK.

With our rental plant, we can source and install the right solution much faster than if you were to buy, and we provide maintenance throughout the rental period, which can be long or short term.

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